Benefits of Having the Best Cat Tree at Home

best-cat-treeGenerally, cats love to take a nap and want to stay close to their owners. That is why they mostly stay indoors. However, while inside the home, they tend to sleep on the couch or hop here and there during their playtime. This can cause some problems to their owners at times. That is where cat trees come into play. The Best cat tree is essential in a domesticated cat’s life. If you have a pet cat who loves to stay at home most of the time, having a cat tree would definitely be of great advantage not only for your cat but also for you. Read on to find out about the benefits of having the best cat tree at home.

  • It can be an ideal scratching post for your pet cat.scractching-post

Basically, cats need a scratching post where they can sharpen their claws. Cats scratch on posts because it is in their nature to do so. Their usual scratching post target could be their owner’s wooden furniture that can eventually get damaged in the long run. However, if you prepare the best cat tree at home, your cat can make use of it as his scratching post.

  • 2. It can offer a perfect place for your cat to sleep.

More often than not, cats make their owner’s sofa or couch as their sleeping place. They may even sleep on top of the piano or hide in the bookshelves.  Because of this, there is a tendency for these pieces of household furniture to get punctured or scratched because of their pointed claws.
What’s worse, they can also be filled with cat’s fur, giving the owner additional time to clean up! If you have the best cat tree, it can automatically become your pet cat’s sleeping area. It will give your cat an idea that he will not be disturbed while he is sleeping. Thus, he will feel more comfortable sleeping in a cat tree.

When you give your pet cat his own place to stay such as a cat tree, your cat would definitely prefer to stay there as it can give him a sense of security, especially when your cat has a timid personality. Oftentimes, when guests visit you at home, your cat will have a tendency to hide because he is either scared or shy. He has a tendency to panic in search of a place to hide. You can certainly prevent your cat from feeling anxious when you provide him with a cat tree since he will simply retreat to his cat tree and stay there for a while when some people visit your home.

  • It can give your cat a space for resting.

Cats usually like to take a rest beside the window so that they can see and observe what is going on outside. They are thrilled at the sight of a bird. One of the functions of a cat tree is to give cats space where they can relax as they observe their surroundings inside or outside the house. It can also serve them best if the cat tree is situated beside the window so that they can enjoy a full view.

Cats do not only like running or hopping but they also enjoy climbing. If there is no cat tree, you will probably notice that they run inside the house, from one area to another. They also hop from the floor to the tables and sofas. Additionally, they tend to go up and down your tallest furniture. Although it can be fun watching them play like that, you are also worried that they might break your expensive décor while they are having fun inside the home. So, having the best cat tree is a good idea to keep them focused on one area while playing. Since the cat tree has several floors, comes with accessories for playing and can be tall, your cat will find it interesting and spend most of his time there.

  • It can prevent rivalry among cats at home.

When you have several cats at home, rivalry may be an issue. They may not have a harmonious relationship and fight every now and then. However, when you provide them with a cat tree, this can help promote harmony. The reason for this is because the first perch at the top is usually claimed by cats with a higher rank. Once the cat with a higher rank stays at the top of the cat tree, this gives the other cats an idea that he is the most superior among them and that he is the one in charge.

Indeed, there are many benefits that you can get out of getting the best cat tree for your cat. It can help promote a natural environment for your cat since it is specially designed to address some of his instincts. As a result, it makes your cat feel happier, more relaxed and more secured at home.

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