Benefits of Having the Best Cat Tree at Home

best-cat-treeGenerally, cats love to take a nap and want to stay close to their owners. That is why they mostly stay indoors. However, while inside the home, they tend to sleep on the couch or hop here and there during their playtime. This can cause some problems to their owners at times. That is where cat trees come into play. The Best cat tree is essential in a domesticated cat’s life. If you have a pet cat who loves to stay at home most of the time, having a cat tree would definitely be of great advantage not only for your cat but also for you. Read on to find out about the benefits of having the best cat tree at home.

  • It can be an ideal scratching post for your pet cat.scractching-post

Basically, cats need a scratching post where they can sharpen their claws. Cats scratch on posts because it is in their nature to do so. Their usual scratching post target could be their owner’s wooden furniture that can eventually get damaged in the long run. However, if you prepare the best cat tree at home, your cat can make use of it as his scratching post.

  • 2. It can offer a perfect place for your cat to sleep.

More often than not, cats make their owner’s sofa or couch as their sleeping place. They may even sleep on top of the piano or hide in the bookshelves.  Because of this, there is a tendency for these pieces of household furniture to get punctured or scratched because of their pointed claws. Continue reading “Benefits of Having the Best Cat Tree at Home”

All dog health issues welcome



No matter what ails your dog, post the problem here, or comment on other peoples problems with their pets.

This is a relatively new forum, and as such I have only these four forums. I thought it might be a bit overwhelming to have a forum for each breed, but after the community grows I will be breaking it down some. I will be looking for suggestions too when the time comes.


My 14 year old dog is having problems getting up and down. It appears it either hurts or his joints are really stiff. Is there an over the counter drug safe for me to give him to allievate some of the stiffness or joint pain. I don’t want to give him steriods. I did that with my last dog and it ended up more harm then help. Continue reading “All dog health issues welcome”

Mystery Illness | QA from Bitterrootbullies

dog-illnessHi all,
I’m new to this forum, but I’m hoping that someone has had a similar problem and may have some ideas for me.

Samantha is a 9.5 year old spayed/female pitador (pit bull/labrador). She’s been healthy all her life except for a couple accidents, such as falling down stairs once and dislocating her hip by stepping in a gopher hole at high speed. Continue reading “Mystery Illness | QA from Bitterrootbullies”


adoptionAdoptions are near and dear to the heart of Dogstar. Our founder, Theresa Shire is the former Adoption Center and Animal Care Supervisor for the Arizona Humane Society’s Campus for Compassion. Dogstar started its own pet rescue in the summer of 2009. We take pride in connecting pets with their “forever” homes. You can stop by Dogstar to see a number of our foster pets. Our kitties will be in the front window, trying to catch some rays. Our foster dogs are always up for a walk, so we invite you to grab a leash and take a stroll together! Continue reading “Adoptions”